Beaverton Public Safety Center

Beaverton, Oregon

How do we create a significant public safety facility that acts as a catalyst for neighborhood development?

In 2017, FFA was selected by the City of Beaverton to design the new Beaverton Public Safety Center. The new 72,000 sf facility will house the Beaverton Police Department and the Office of Emergency Management. The building site is a commercial corner in need of significant redevelopment with the intent of serving as a catalyst for the surrounding neighborhood. Through visioning exercises with City staff members and neighborhood leaders, the team identified key design concepts built around the Beaverton Police Department’s mission and the unique qualities of the neighborhood.

In collaboration with James McClaren of MWL, our emergency services consulting architect, FFA worked to confirm the program and anticipate agency growth to the year 2050. The team engaged the client to right-size the project and program for alignment with a challenging budget.

Inside the building, the team is working to create a work environment that supports a closely-knit agency that builds its reputation on exemplary customer service in the realm of public safety organizations. The team developed the key communal spaces in a central two-story volume which is open to the work environments around it. With easy access to technical patrol functions below, this light-filled area becomes the central hub for the agency.

Year Completed:
72,000 sf
Project Contact:
Ian Gelbrich, AIA
Partner, Market Lead

Briefing Room
View of Public Lobby


Beaverton is known for being an incredibly diverse community, with citizens from a variety of cultural backgrounds. The neighborhood around the new public safety center is often identified as the first landing place for new immigrants coming from foreign countries. The team used this diversity as a basis for a design concept of “weaving.” This concept is reflected in the programming and articulation of the site as well as the building through patterning and strategically spaced skylights.

Exterior View of Public Entry
Study Model
Watercolor Design Sketch
Open Office Space
Officer Report Writing and Evidence Processing