Why work at FFA?

Our dedication to quality and craft means that our work is rooted to its place on the planet, and representative of the people it serves. If you share these values and have a desire to invest in a career at FFA, we’d like to meet you.

Every voice matters
At FFA, everyone has a seat at the table. Our design culture allows open conversations about ideas because when everyone has a voice, it leads to better outcomes for our clients. Candid, respectful and open dialogue encourages new thinking, diverse ideas and creates an inclusive workplace environment. Everyone is part of the bigger picture and takes ownership of their work and professional growth.

We strive to create a healthy professional environment that inspires our design culture and enriches our employees’ lives. From providing healthy snacks in the breakroom to all-office design charrettes and weekly happy hours, we focus on initiatives that support employee wellness. FFA’s office environment, competitive salaries, events and job perks create a flourishing, productive backdrop where we can thrive.

Work-life balance
We put in hard work because we are dedicated to the design process and the work we produce. There may be a late-night right before a deadline, but we produce our most profound and insightful work when the fuel tank isn’t running on empty. We empower employees to build a healthy work-life model where they can be present in both their life and at work.

Meaningful projects
Since 1956, our practice has been focused on developing architecture that is timeless, beautiful, and sustainable. FFA is proud of this tradition and its legacy of thoughtful, contextual projects throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Today, we continue to learn and elevate our design portfolio with projects ranging from thoughtful historic renovations to a myriad of new building types. We pursue unique projects which are diverse in scope and location — check out our portfolio. Whether it’s architecture, planning or interior design, or all the above, each of FFA’s projects tells a compelling and memorable story.

At FFA, our goal is to create and sustain a community where everyone feels valued.  This is important to us and not just something we say we do, but something we work on every day.  In our ongoing work to honor this commitment, our Equity Committee and Leadership Group have developed  Community Agreements – a living document which is posted throughout the office.  We use these agreements as a guidepost for everyday decision-making,  collaborating with team members, participating in meetings, and generally interacting with our colleagues. Using these agreements daily helps us continue to be supportive of our equity and inclusion goals, and each other.