Amer Sports Portland Design Center

Portland, Oregon

How do we develop a modern, yet playful design to attract a diverse creative workforce?

Amer Sports Portland Design Center. Creative office space. The foreground features a kitchen and lounge space with both a long, high butcher block table and as well as a standard height table and adjacent soft seating. The background reveals a modern, open office on one side and what sports apparel prototypes on the other. At the center of the image a large mural covers the wall facing the lounge.

Amer Sports, an international sporting goods company, selected FFA as its design team for its Portland Design Center. FFA worked with Amer by interviewing all their departments to determine their programmatic needs. FFA then space planned Amer’s program in three locations and the 12th Northrup Building was selected for its wide open floor plan, proximity to downtown, and unique interior elements. The 12,600 square foot tenant improvement includes two showrooms, a large break room and lounge area, sixty workstations, and a variety of conference rooms. The design is modern yet playful and is attractive to the carefree, alternative team who works at this outdoor sporting goods company.

Year Completed:
12,600 sf
Project Contact:
Richard Grace, AIA, NOMA
Partner, Market Lead
Choice of Posture
Bike Commuter Amenities
Clean Ceiling Plane
Integrated Systems