Metal Toad

Portland, Oregon

How do we blend the creative flare of a media company with rustic Northwest subtlety?

Metal Toad Office Tenant Improvement. Lobby of an office space with wood wall feature and two chairs flanking a double-doored conference room. A lamp made of deer antlers which have been painted orange as well as long red felt baffles hang from the ceiling. A hallway leading to the other side of the office is shown.

As cutting-edge digital strategy agency Metal Toad grew by ‘leaps’ and bounds, so too did the need for a much larger, custom-designed office space. The client hired FFA to turn the fourth floor of Portland’s historic 1911 Yeon Building into a 21st century hub of collaboration and creative thinking.

The office was designed around the wish to incorporate a desk-based benching system, rather than private offices and cubicles. This allows for improved flexibility, mobility, and easy access to data – enabling group interaction and collaboration among employees. Spaces to relax include a quiet, spacious library with views to neighboring historic buildings, as well as a light-filled break room. This space does much more than just provide a welcome spot for lunch and coffee. It is also large enough to host in-house foosball tournaments, which are often fueled by one of the many craft beers chilling in the office kegerator.

The client expressed a desire for a design that balanced the company’s unique high-tech style with elements that would celebrate its northwest roots. Beautiful wood salvaged from the Port of Portland was used on table tops and benches throughout the office, and everywhere you look there are whimsical touches – such as a bright orange antler chandelier – that blend Metal Toad’s modern look with a nod to the region’s more rustic side.

Year Completed:
8,400 sf
Project Contact:
Richard Grace, AIA, NOMA
Partner, Market Lead
Playful Light
Textured Screens
Salvaged Wood
View from Outside


Scattered along the perimeter of the space are several break-out and conference rooms of various sizes, which provide employees areas to step away from their work stations for either teamwork or focused, individual efforts.