10th & Yamhill Parking Garage Rehabilitation

Portland, Oregon

How do we take a dreary 1970s parking garage and transform it into a lively multi-modal hub for the 21st century?

10th & Yamhill Parking Garage Rehabilitation. Rendering showing the Northeast corner of a six-story grey masonry parking garage with retail on the main floor. The stairway on the corner of the building is clad in patterned metal with breaks at various levels which creates transparency.

This 5-story garage was completed in 1978 and then expanded to add two additional parking levels in 1984. It has been well-used in the years since its construction and has seen a revitalization of many of the blocks in its vicinity.

In 2015, PDC contracted with FFA to assess the structural integrity, waterproofing, mechanical systems, accessibility and parking function, as well as investigate options for improving ground floor retail tenant spaces and the building’s overall appearance.  The team provided a set of recommendations for repairs and upgrades of the various building systems within the estimated budget. This was done in conjunction with the development of a design concept that responds to the functional needs of the parking and retail uses while elevating the architectural image of the garage in this rapidly-growing central area of downtown Portland.

In the summer of 2016, FFA was awarded the contract for the project and is currently working with the City and our multi-disciplinary team on design for improvements which will meet current multi-modal needs and resolve safety, security, structural, and mechanical issues. In addition, the FFA team will re-imagine the retail opportunities and pedestrian experience of the ground floor appropriate with its proximity to so many downtown amenities.

Year Completed:
295,000 sf
Project Contact:
Richard Grace, AIA, NOMA
Partner, Market Lead

LEED Gold Certification

Existing Building
Public Transit Access
Areas of Pedestrian Movement
Material Duality
Northwest Corner – Across from the Galleria Building
Refreshed Arcade on SW Morrison
Highlighting and Celebrating Pedestrian Movement
Enlarged Elevation – Northeast Corner


Relationships – the influence of context
Duality – contrast of materials

These concepts as a foundation of design help to establish a sense of place for this easily-overlooked contribution to our downtown fabric. The Relationships driver responds to all the elements within the building’s context that are influential to the environment around the site: the different modes of transportation crossing this location, old and new urban built forms, ecological considerations, retail mix of the neighborhood, as well as the codes and municipal regulations. The Duality driver speaks to the nature of the materials and the scope of work of the project; from the mass and solidity of the existing concrete structure to the insertion of new light and transparent elements making for a safer environment.

Reactivating the Pedestrian Zones with Transparency and Light

Northeast Corner
Northwest Corner
Southeast Corner
Southwest Corner
Southeast Corner – A View from Director’s Park
SW 9th Avenue – Before and After
SW Yamhill Arcade
Building Section West – East
Building Section North – South