Project Updates  

Postcard from Alaska

November 1, 2020

FFA has worked for the National Park Service (NPS) for over 30 years. One of the joys of providing design services for buildings in our national parks is understanding the unique environment of each place, from rainforest to alpine locales – with some destinations being so remote, they can only be reached by boat or small plane. Our work has taken us throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond, including trips to Alaska.

This year, members of our staff have been traveling in southeast Alaska for a range of historic preservation projects. While adhering to strict Covid-19 travel precautions, FFA’s Historical Architect Tim Mitchell and Architectural Intern James Hawkins visited Glacier Bay National Park. There they investigated and documented the 1965 Glacier Bay Lodge with the help of Architectural Historian Bridget Maley of architecture + history. The data our team collected onsite will contribute to a Preservation Maintenance Guide that will help facility managers care for the National Historic Landmark structure. Later in the year, Tim and Bridget returned to Alaska to conduct condition assessments on early 20th century structures. These included St. Peter’s by the Sea Episcopal Church and its See House (rectory) in Sitka, and small wooden structures known as “cribs” associated with the Klondike Gold Rush in Skagway. These team efforts will provide the framework for Historic Structure Reports for the buildings.

Historic Structure Reports and Preservation Maintenance Guides are critical for the preservation and enhancement of park amenities.  Our work in Alaska will help the National Park Service make informed decisions based on the information collected. We treasure these experiences and have chosen to share a few photos from our travels to The Last Frontier.



Tribal House, Glacier Bay National Park
View of Glacier Bay Lodge from the water
Glacier Bay Lodge Guest Cabin
Boardwalks at Glacier Bay Lodge
St. Peter’s by the Sea Episcopal Church, Sitka
Small wooden structure known as a “crib” in Skagway
St. Peter’s by the Sea See House, Sitka