Farmer’s Market Pavilion

Eugene, Oregon

How do we create an urban home for an agricultural tradition?

Eugene Farmer's Market Pavillion. Evening view from a busy plaza surrounding a large, brightly-lit pavillion with a mass timber interior.

The Farmers Market Pavilion and Plaza are part of the first phase in the reimagining of Eugene’s social center. FFA, in collaboration with Cameron McCarthy Landscape Architecture, led the design effort for the multi-block project that includes the Pavilion, a new performance shelter, and the new Eugene City Hall. The Park Blocks project includes the revitalization of the Park Blocks, home to the Saturday Market and the demolition of a multi-block parking structure whose edges are occupied by the Lane County Farmers Market.

While conceived as a multi-function community space, the Pavilion draws its story from its primary role as the permanent, all-season home of the Lane County Farmers Market. In visioning sessions with market representatives and city leaders, the design team was tasked with representing the agricultural character of the market’s vendors and products in a manner refined for an urban setting. The team researched various characteristics of farms and farming, settling on the simplicity and transparency of greenhouses. The resulting project is a simple form that is open and transparent allowing the activity inside to be the primary focus. With large roll-up doors and a clear polycarbonate skin, market vendors and community events flow out to the rest of block. The interior of the pavilion is constructed from a wood structure composed of cross-laminated timbers (CLT) and glulam frame fabricated 80 miles south of Eugene. The expressed structure, chosen for its ecology, economy and human connection will glow through the polycarbonate at night, adding a warmth to the rest of the Park Blocks project. The interior of the pavilion includes a large market hall edged by support spaces that include a demonstration kitchen, storage and all-user restroom.

Year Completed:
2022 (est.)
8,500 SF
Project Contact:
Ian Gelbrich, AIA
Partner, Market Lead
The pavilion is designed to open to the surrounding plaza and streets as much as possible to allow visitors and vendors to move easily between indoor and outdoor spaces.
View through Polycarbonate Facade to Mass Timber Structure
Indoor-Outdoor Connection to West Park Street
Mass Timber Structure Inside Pavilion