Crater Lake Lodge Rehabilitation

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

How do we deconstruct and rebuild a landmark to address current life safety codes and guest amenities, while still preserving its historic appearance and character?

This image shows a sweeping view which includes the southernmost edge of crater lake with a steep, tree-filled slope leading from the lake up to a long, rustic four-story lodge. The first floor is clad in stone and the upper floors are wood-clad and painted deep brown. The pitched, shingled roof is a pale green.

Originally built in 1915, Crater Lake Lodge is one of Oregon’s most treasured buildings in the heart of the state’s only National Park. It was scheduled to be torn down in 1988 due to perceived irreparable structural issues and years of neglect. Instead, FFA was commissioned to deconstruct and rebuild the building to meet current life safety codes while still preserving its historic appearance and character. The interior spaces were upgraded including new guest rooms providing comfortable modern accommodations while maintaining and reflecting the celebrated rustic spirit of the Lodge.

FFA was integral in establishing the character of the interior design. Structural inadequacies called for complete reconstruction of the major public spaces and features including the Great Hall’s majestic stone fireplace. The fireplace was disassembled and carefully reconstructed using the original stones. Additionally, FFA was key in testing and selecting furnishings that appropriately conveyed the character of the Lodge.

Construction challenges included harsh weather conditions typical on the caldera rim that severely restrict the construction season as well as difficulty supplying construction crews and supplies to the remote location. The delicate vegetation and purity of Crater Lake were carefully protected during construction activities. This thoughtful rehabilitation project has allowed millions of visitors to continue to enjoy the Lodge for over 25 years since its re-opening.

Year Completed:
60,000 sf
Project Contact:
Barbara Clement, AIA, NCARB
Associate Partner, Market Lead

Portland Chapter AIA, People’s Choice Award;

Portland Chapter AIA, Award of Excellence;

Northwest and Pacific Region AIA, Honor Award

Patio View
The Great Hall
Dining Room
Lobby and Main Stairs

Photo captured from the year the Lodge was built
The deep blue waters of Crater Lake with the Lodge perched above
Hand sketch of the rehabilitated Crater Lake Lodge
Southeast corner of the Lodge in August
The same location in April
Crater Lake is one of the snowiest inhabited places in the United States. On average, the rim around the lake is buried under at least 15 feet of snow in winter.